Music lessons to expand your abilities and gifts.

Our primary goal is to provide guitar lessons, but we are also authorized vendors for Martin, Fender, Dean Markley, S.I.T, and a number of other premium guitar companies.  Many of you will remember us for our booths at local festivals, street fairs, and flea markets throughout Northern California, and especially all through the greater San Francisco Bay Area.



Martin SP Lifespan Acoustic Guitar Strings
coated strings, equivalent to Elixirs, but these are by MARTIN.

These sell on Musician's Friend for $15 a set, yours for only $10

I have 8 sets of .12's and 10 sets of .13's for only $10 bucks a pack, while they last.


A Martin lanyard is a cool way to wear your work ID badge or to keep your keys handy, or whatever.  I've got about 50 left for only $2.50 each.  Get a couple today.


Brand new drumsticks, in various weights for only $3.00 a pair.  Call now and get a couple of pair.  You can't go wrong for three bucks.  (what are drumsticks doing on a guitar site???  Simple....we don't discriminate against musicians.  And we got a great deal on these sticks so we are passing the savings on to you.    

Thanks for visiting.  Come back often to check for new products.

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