Music lessons to expand your abilities and gifts.



Group Lessons

Three or more people can form a group and have a group lesson lasting 45 minutes.  This is a great way for friends and families to share some special times together, learning how to play songs and making music together.

Private Lessons

Private Guitar lessons offer the best way for an individual to learn to play the guitar.  The personal attention given to each student is priceless for the learning process.  Everyone has a unique learning style and I am gifted in quickly recognizing how best to help each person learn to their fullest potential.  Lessons are given for 30 minutes or 60 minutes depending on the wants and needs of the student. 


30 minute lesson in my studio = $25
60 minute lesson in my studio = $50

30 minute lesson at your home = $50
60 minute lesson at your home = $100


Payment must be made monthly, in advance by cash or check. 


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